A Memory of a Dear Cousin

By Shaindel Sussman

His name was Yitzy Weissman. His parents came to America from Poland in the early 1900’s. They settled on the Lower East Side. His father’s name was Natan (Nosson) and his mother’s name was Toby. Yitzy was their prince. They sent him to the best schools. He was very educated, intelligent, and good looking. He got a very good position in a big shul in Manhattan as a Rabbi. We visited their house many times and always had a good time.

Many girls were “redt” to him, but no one was good enough for his mother. Eventually, his parents died and he was left alone in Manhattan. We got the sad news that one day he was found dead in a hotel room. It was so sad that he left no family behind.

I’m sorry that all that is left are just good memories. May he rest in peace.