“Chocolate!” Poetry Workshop – November 7, 2018


Its creamy rich
Irresistible sweetness
Melts in my mouth
As I ponder its goodness
One little bar on my palm

Chocolate is a strain of Vivaldi
Soothing my soul
Like fine wine
I can appreciate the better things
In life
And its pleasure
Rich as Rothschild
Uplifts as welcome news
Chocolate is a band-aid
And everything is
All better

What is
Its mystique
Cocoa flavor
On my taste buds

How to explain
The craving

Still I contemplate
As sun’s rays
Brown rivulets
On my fingers

Chocolate is
A Divine caress
Filling me
So completely
With well-being
With contentment.

(Can I have one more

Written (mainly) by Leah Dembitzer, Eva Eisenberger, Flora Ellenbogen, Regina Goodman,  Georgette Kipperman,  Roza Lieberman, Esther Rubinstein, Chaia Stern

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