Club Nissim is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to mid-afternoon and Thursday until noon. Members are encouraged to browse and select among the many varied activities, or to just drop in for a schmooze!

Please note that the building is handicapped accessible.

We welcome all members of Club Nissim to attend any and all of the programs we offer – select what interests you and come as often as you choose. There is no commitment and you are free to make the choices that best suit your needs. We respectfully request that you come and go during breaks and do not disturb ongoing programs due to lateness or leaving early.

Home health aides accompanying a member are required to remain available at all times, but are not allowed to sit in during activities. We do not allow visitors, such as family members or friends to our programs. This policy is strictly enforced.

Club Nissim offers a wide range of activities, which fluctuate over the years and change with the seasons. Our members’ interests and requests are variable, and our access to professionals to carry out activities also varies from one year to another.
As a consequence, our program has evolved over the years; certain activities are popular for a time, then wane, but might pop back up again a year or two later. The following is a sample of activities we are, or have been, or will be, offering at one time or another. (For specific monthly activities please see the schedule.)

Daily exercise classes – these are a constant and “written in stone”
Arts & Crafts
Birthday Club – celebrating all the “birthday girls” of the Hebrew month
Choir & Sing-alongs – Hebrew, Yiddish and English songs with a professional musician
Cooking & Baking – take home a treat…
Discussion Group – (relationships, conflict resolution, etc.), moderated by social workers
Knitting & Crocheting
Lectures – various topics
Massage Techniques – make yourself (and others) feel better
Movies & Documentaries – comedy, drama, musicals, entertainment, nature, history, etc.
News & Views – discussing current events
Parties – just for fun…
Relaxation Techniques – we all need to de-stress…
Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov-related celebrations
Shiurim – (lectures on Torah topics)
Support Groups – (care-giving, bereavement, etc.), moderated by social workers
Swimming – Thursday morning only!
Tech Support – Learn how to use your cell phone, iPad, or other gadget
Tehillim Group
Theme Days/ Weeks – what about “National Chocolate Day” or “Tropical Week”?
Trips & Outings—museums, parks, and various other sights within the five Boroughs. (We offer a variety of trips for which you must register in advance in the Club Nissim office, and for which there is usually a small fee. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable unless the trip is canceled by the administration. We try to offer trips to meet the needs of all members, but it is a good idea to discuss with the staff whether the trip is suitable for your individual needs and abilities. Unless noted otherwise, members must bring their own lunches and refreshments.)

“Abi Gezunt” – Wellness Project
Lectures on health & wellness-related topics
Nutrition & diet-related lectures and workshops
Stretching and other body work under supervision of a physical therapist

“Anshei Nissim” – Programs for Men  TEMPORARILY ON ZOOM ONLY

Tuesdays, 12 pm: Stretching with Physical Therapist Alex Mandel

Thursdays, 12 pm: Oneg Shabbos with Rabbi Yosef Chesny

“Beis Binah – The Savta Seminary”   TEMPORARILY CLOSED
This is a text-based Limudei Kodesh course for women who have an ability and desire to learn various topics in-depth on a seminary level. Beis Binah is comprised of three eight-week semesters per year. Prospective participants must apply and register in advance.

Collaborative services available for members of Club Nissim:

Lunch is available through the DFTA-funded Boro Park Y Senior Center. If you wish to purchase a lunch at the Center you can do so on a daily basis, and have your lunch there. You can also choose to be served in Club Nissim’s room by presenting your lunch ticket to the Club Nissim staff by 12:00 each day. 

Transportation is available through the DFTA-funded Boro Park Y Senior Center. Members can utilize the daily door-to-door service at a cost of $1.50 each way. Tickets must be purchased in advance in the Senior Center, as the driver cannot accept any other form of payment. Reservations for pick-up must be made a day in advance by calling the Senior Center at 718-435-3804.

The Senior Center bus is available in our catchment area (Boro Park). If you would like to attend and do not live in the area, please speak to our staff for assistance with obtaining other transportation options.

Y Membership
Members of Club Nissim are encouraged to participate in Boro Park Y Activities, but please note that Club Nissim membership does not cover use of the pool (except once per week) or exercise rooms at the Y. Please check with the Y office if your health insurance provides gym coverage.