My Life’s Story in Short

By Frieda Langsam

I was born in Hungary, Europe, and spent my childhood there until the Second World War broke out. I have nice memories of my childhood with my parents and siblings. My parents had a textile business and my mother took advantage of it because she know how to make pretty dresses for the girls.

The nice quiet life ended soon after the Second World War broke out and the Jewish people were taken to concentration camps. Families were separated from each other. I was holding on to my older sister’s hand. I was 15 years old and she was 20. We were taken to a working camp and the Germans were very cruel to us. The worst thing happened to me when my dear sister Rivka died of Typhus. I was all alone until I found some cousins and we decided to go back to Hungary when the war ended. Hashem helped and I found my father and one of my brothers had survived at home.

I got married when I was twenty years old and we were happy with our 3 children and later with the grandchildren. I am sorry my husband is not alive to have the Nachas to see them. When my children grew up I went to night school and took an accounting course. Not much later I saw an advertisement in the NY Times for an accountant. It was a company First Investors Corp., where I worked for 45 years.

In 2014 I stopped working, and joined Club Nissim at the Boro Park Y. I am very happy that I did. I recommend all my friends to join me!


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