Dearest Daddy

By Helen-Chaya Leser-Wasgschal-Rubin


Dearest Daddy,

I have thought about what it is that Hashem blessed me with, that I inherited from Mom, ע”ה. Now I am thinking about what I inherited from you. Actually it’s very easy: your singing voice, your patience, your quiet smile, your kindness, and your devotion and love of family. When I say inherited, it may not be to the same extent as you practiced it, but I definitely feel at ease emulating your beautiful ways.

Love of hard work, responsibility, and concern for others I inherited from both of you, and from both extended families. We lost you way too soon, Daddy. I love you and miss you very much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Helen-Chaya Leser-Wasgschal-Rubin

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