A Big Miracle

By Shaindel Sussman

I want to write about a miracle that happened during the War to one of my relatives. My sister-in-law Rochel had two sisters; one called Rifka and the other Sarah. In the War, they were together in Auschwitz.

At the end, the Germans were marching them. It was very cold and they were very hungry. The march kept up for days and whoever couldn’t keep up – the soldiers would come and shoot that person. At one point, Rivka could not walk anymore. A soldier came over to shoot her but a miracle happened: he said that she wasn’t worth the bullet and walked away. The sisters picked her up and walked on together.

They ended up near the Czechoslovakian border, where Rivka was taken to a hospital where she recovered. Later she went back to Yugoslavia where she got married, and this beautiful young girl had 10 children, Baruch Hashem.

I think this was a big miracle.

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