“A Gezunten Vinter” Poetry Workshop – October 8, 2018

By Members of Club Nissim

Geulah beckons
Every Mitzvah fills the soul
Zechusim envelop
Nashim Tzidkoniyos in tearful prayer
Tehillim, Tefilla, Techina
Expressions of Coronation of Hashem our King
Numerous Simanim, lingering sweetnesses

Voice of the Shofar echoes long after…
Inspires us to draw close to our Creator
Neshamos are cleansed white as angel
Tying Palm Myrtle Willow and Citron-in the Sukkah
Every Yid represented therein, Ushpizin holy guests
Ruchniyus’dige kochos nurturing Klal Yisroel the entire year.

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