My Grandfather

By Berta (Breindy) Einhorn

My grandfather, Moishe Hersch Kahan, zt”l, lived in Maramaros Sighet. He was a very learned man, he always kept saying “gam zu le’tova” to keep up the spirits. He was a magid shiur, a ba’al koreh, and davened on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. He was an accountant and people who knew him told me that he was accurate to the penny.

He got sick and when people come to visit him, and before they left, he kept saying to have emunah because very hard times are coming to the Jewish people. Unfortunately, he had the right nevuah.  He passed away a few months before we were deported to Auschwitz. People tell me that he was my advocate in heaven. That is why I stayed alive and he was merited to be buried in Sighet just a few weeks before the deportation to Auschwitz.

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