Remembering a Very Special Lady

By Shaindel Sussman

My cousin’s name was Toby but she was called by her English name, Tesy Greenfeld. When we came to America, with HIAS, she was already living in the Bronx. She was good, soft spoken, never insulted anyone. She used to come to visit us every day. One day she came with a suitcase full of baby clothes. They weren’t new, but looked new – in excellent condition. When Mother’s Day came, my older son and I went to visit her in the Bronx. Later she moved to Manhattan.

When I and my sister-in-law needed some advice we always turned to her. She was like a mother to us. We missed our own mothers very much. As young wives and young mothers we often needed someone to speak to and she was always there for us. It has been many years since she passed away. I still miss her. She was a wonderful lady. May she rest in peace.

2 thoughts on “Remembering a Very Special Lady

  1. Sarah lichtenstein says:

    I read all 3 stories that Mrs Sussman wrote and enjoyed each one of them .In reference to the first story it must’ve been very hard being a young wife and mother and not having any guidance from her real mother.We can see that Hashem always has someone to watch out for us.I think Club Nissim is doing an amazing job by having these holocaust survivors write their stories.Keep up the good work and thank you Mrs Sussman for writing your stories in such an interesting manner .


  2. Raizy Green says:

    What a beautiful story. So touching. We cannot begin to imagine how important this woman must have been to mrs Sussman but she articulated it so well that u almost feel like we all knew her. Would love to hear more from mrs Sussman. I love her writing skills & the way she expresses herself. Thank you club Nissim.


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