Welcome to Club Nissim’s Blog!

We welcome all our members to contribute to this blog! This is your forum for expressing yourselves – in prose or poetry! Write about your own lives, or about the lives of those who went before you. Or address the ones that will come after you, so that they may know for whom they were named! You have a Survivor’s testimonial that should be heard; you have life experience that should not be forgotten; you have wisdom to share with the world – do it here…!

To contribute to the blog, email your text to: clubnissim@gmail.com (write BLOG on the subject line) or use the Contact page on this website.

If you do not have any access to the internet, or if you need other technical assistance, feel free to sign up for one of our “Blogger Workshops”, where you can get all the help you need! Speak to our staff for more information.

This is a list of our contributors:
Brandman, Bronia
Dembitzer, Leah
Einhorn, Breindy
Eisenberger, Eva
Ellenbogen, Flora
Goodman, Regina
Kipperman, Georgette
Landau, Gita
Landau, Jona/Toby
Langsam, Frieda
Leben, Katherine
Lieberman, Roza
Jaroslawicz, Mina
Rubin, Helen
Rubinstein, Esther
Schrage, Rose
Seidman, Sara
Stern, Chaia
Sussman, Shaindel
Weingarten Silber, Leah
Weiss, Paula/Pessy
Wohlberg, Emma

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