The Only Jewish Girl in Town

By Sheindel Sussman

That girl was me, Sheindel. When I was 8 years old we moved to a town called Bach Kosut Folva. I had no friends.

My brother Itzik was horseback riding in the countryside. He saw a newborn baby sheep who was abandoned by his mother. He brought it home for me. I made a bed and a basket and fed him with a bottle. He grew up to be very big. I became his surrogate mother.

Wherever I went, he followed me. One day, I couldn’t take him along. He was standing by the gate and crying. We also had goats and a puppy that I got from a neighbor. I also raised and loved these animals. They became my friends.

One day I had to say goodbye to my friends because the Nazis came.

I am so sorry, my friends, that I have to leave you behind. I have to leave you because the Nazis came to take us away.

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